SA26 T-Shirt

In August 2013, PCV Monica convinced me that we needed to take the bull by the horns and finally get our official Peace Corps SA26 t-shirts designed and printed. Armed with Monica’s ideas, a hand-drawn design that we had seen all the way back at our Pre-service Training, and my laptop, we finalized a design to send to a printer. The shirts were later captured in numerous photographs of PCVs working (and playing) throughout the rest of our time here in South Africa, and featured here in a fantastic video/photo essay put together by PCV Briana:

Do you want one of our t-shirts? I put the design up on a print-on-demand t-shirt site. We don’t get a cut of the money or anything like that … it’s just a way to fly the Peace Corps South Africa colors for us back in the states (or anywhere you may be). If you get one, please email me a photo of you wearing it.

Erik in the village sporting his SA26 T!

SA26 Group Shot


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