Zulu Wedding

20 Apr

I could have (and maybe should have) wrote about this happening at my home. But, my feeble excuse is that I was too tired. (I DID make about 400 chocolate chip cookies for the event and my small oven can only bake 20 at a time.) Katrina did such a good job, I’ll let her retelling of the tale serve my loyal readers as well.

PCV in the Rainbow Nation

So last weekend the PCVs in the area and I went to the wedding of Erik’s host brother Dumisani. It was almost exactly a year ago we had attended his lobola ceremony too (see “Lobola Ceremony” post). The first part of the wedding was a stereotypical “white”/Christian while the second part contained more Zulu culture and traditions.

The ceremony was in a church but the set up was similar to a typical reception. The walls were draped in pink, gold and orange fabrics and instead of pews there were tables with gaudy table runners, elaborate candelier-like centerpieces and silver place settings. There was schedule in a brochure on the table (which spelled the bride’s name wrong!) that detailed the events of the day. It started at around 10:30. First the 3 pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen who danced down the aisle in a traditional Zulu manner. An interesting note, the…

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